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Model: NNJ-50
N.W.:7.5 KGS
G.W.: 8.3 KGS
Outline dimension:12.6 *9*19.2 inch
Packing size: 19.6*13.4* 9 inch
Specifications: European, American,
British and Australian plug

Products Description:

The machine is rotated at a high speed by a separator to separate the milk into fresh milk and milkshake, and at the same time has the function of removing impurities. The upper layer is a milk shake, used to make cheese, and the lower layer is fresh milk, which can be consumed after heating.

This milk cream centrifuge is professionally designed for household or small scale production. the cream is separated by a high centrifugal force and another product is skimmed milk, both of these two products are important food materials.It can also be used in the similar separation material clarification and purity.Applications:

• Milk and whey cream skimming

• Clarification of milk and whey

• Bacteria removal from milk and whey

• Cream concentration

• Standardization of milk, cream and whey cream

Working principle:

By the high-speed centrifugal force produced by the centrifuge, the fat in the milk can be separated from the milk. When having the separating, after the milk enters the centrifuge, the skimmed milk will be thrown to the machine wall, and move upward along the wall, and finally be discharged from the fat outlet. While the skimmed milk or the single cream will be discharged from its outlet.