Notes for hedge trimmers

2024-03-18 13:57

Precautions before use

1. The user must wear safety gloves, safety shoes and work clothes as required

2. Check whether the screws and nuts are connected tightly and reliably, and whether the parts are loose, worn, damaged, etc.

3. must check whether the flame failure switch is flexible and free from stalling; check whether the flame failure wire is connected normally and free from falling off. To ensure that in the use of the process of accidents can be timely flameout, to protect personal safety

4. Must be low-speed (idle) break-in 2-5 minutes before use.

Operation precautions

1. Use the hedge trimmer in a well-ventilated area to avoid poisoning by harmful gases.

2. Do not allow people to stand within 10 meters

3. If people leave or transfer the workplace, the gasoline engine must be turned off until the blades stop.

4. Open the throttle of the machine to 2/3 position during operation and do not work under full load for a long time to avoid premature wear of the machine.

5. Forbidden to accelerate and stop sharply, so as not to damage the gasoline engine.

6. It is strictly forbidden to start the gasoline engine without air filter, which will damage the cylinder by overheating due to high speed, or cause cylinder pulling due to impurities entering the cylinder, etc.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use pure gasoline as fuel, which will cause damage to the gasoline engine due to overheating. Must use the mixture of gasoline and 2T engine oil fuel

8. It is strictly forbidden to use poor quality gasoline and oil to avoid damage to the gasoline engine, cylinder, piston, piston ring, crankshaft connecting rod, bearing, oil seal, carburetor, etc.

9. When starting the gasoline engine, you must keep a distance of more than three meters from the storage place of gasoline and 2T oil, and keep away from the fire source.

10. When mixing and refilling the fuel, you must turn off the gasoline engine and let it cool down as much as possible before refilling the fuel, and keep the fuel storage place away from the fire source.

11. Do not fill the fuel too full, fill the fuel below the caliber of the jug, if there is fuel overflow or spill, you must clean it thoroughly, and make sure the jug cap is tightened and the fuel does not leak before starting the gasoline engine.


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