Precautions for the use of lawn mowers - safety measures for operators

2024-03-18 13:56

In the use of lawn mowers, there are certain operating procedures, all to ensure the safety of the operator and the maintenance of the machine, the operator is expected to make sure that the operation is implemented in accordance with the following provisions. First, there is a preparation before using the mower, as follows.

1. Thoroughly inspect the lawn to be mowed. Pick off stones, branches, wires, bones and other foreign objects. This is because they can be thrown by the mower blades and cause serious personal injury to the operator or others who are allowed to stay on site. And operators should also plan their mowing routes to prevent grass clippings from being discharged onto roads, sidewalks, bystanders, etc.

2. Wear goggles or goggles when operating the mower or when commissioning or servicing the machine to prevent eye injury from foreign objects thrown out by the mower.

3. Wear thick-soled, sturdy work boots and tight-fitting, long-sleeved work clothes when working. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry to avoid getting tangled in the running parts of the mower. Do not wear bare feet, sandals or light travel shoes to operate the machine.

Then, for the operator, there are some safety precautions in the process of using the mower, as follows.

1. Hands and feet should be away from the rotating parts, do not stand in the direction of the grass discharge port, to avoid injury by the blade striking out foreign objects.

2. Some mower accident injuries are caused by the operator holding the mower handrail tightly and the mower presses on the worker's foot when falling. Therefore, remember to let go of the mower handrail immediately when you fall.

3. Do not operate the mower while under the influence of alcohol.

4. Do not put on the self-propelled clutch before starting the gasoline engine.

5. The blade control handle is one of the most important safety measures, do not intentionally cancel this function when operating the mower.

6. Do not use the mower on wet grass, slippery grass is very easy to cause injury to people, if the operator misses and slips, should immediately release the handrail.

7. Pay attention to use the mower in a well-lit place.

8. If the mower passes by gravel road, sidewalk or highway during the mowing process, stop the blade rotation to avoid gravel flying out and injuring people.

9. Abnormal vibration of the mower is often an omen of an accident, so it should be stopped immediately for inspection.

10. When picking up the grass collection bag or removing the grass from the grass discharge, you must wait until the blade is completely stopped. In any lawn mower use, should pay attention to these, to ensure the safety of personnel, the normal use of the machine.


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